It all began in a yoga class in 2011…


Why I started Good Karma Integrative Yoga

I have been thinking a lot about this section for some time now, and what I’ve come up with is “Yoga is what I’m passionate about, period.” Yoga is a constant in my life that gets me to put down my phone, focus, and gain clarity. I often say that “yoga came into my life during a time I needed it most” and that is the sentiment I want to pass along to others, especially my clients and students.

I grew up channeling a significant amount of energy into sports, running, and hiking. I felt the need to be active, on-the-go, and constantly busy. In 2011, I re-found yoga by attending a class at a studio near my college. I left the class feeling calm, centered, and happy with where I was at in the moment. I’d never had a “workout” class make me feel like that.

“It all began as a hobby, and is now my life’s work.”

Shortly after, I began working in the yoga apparel industry. I started a frequent yoga practice, and completed my Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 in Dover, NH. Now, I can’t imagine my life without a consistent yoga practice.

A routine practice provides me with a healthy focus that integrates physical, mental and emotional health all-in-one. My yoga practice is something I can constantly improve on, and growing up as an athlete, it is always showing me new ways to move and work with my body.


Integrative Yoga teaches you to take yoga from the mat, and integrate it into your routine, so you can live with less physical stress, and tension.
— Lauren Biese, Co-Owner/Founder

What Good KArma Integrative Yoga can offer you…

  • Yoga for Athletes Workshops

  • Corporate Yoga Workshops or Retreats

  • Yoga for Stress Management and Relaxation

  • Teen Yoga Series or Workshops