Why I Applied to Duke’s Integrative Health Coach Training

I often joke on Instagram and in real life about not being the “perfect yogi” or not always having the “perfect alignment.” It is not because I don’t take being a yoga teacher seriously, because I do. Recently, I began the journey to further my yoga teaching skills. 

I started by looking into 500-hr yoga teacher trainings, immersive yoga retreats, nutrition certifications, and multiple graduate programs. But through all my research, I wasn’t finding anything that really intrigued me and worked for me at the time.

A little defeated, I gave up on my search for a bit. Then, I heard about Duke University’s Integrative Health Coach Training. I read through its website and marketing materials and thought, “huh, well this is interesting.” 

The aspects of the program that really resonated with me and drove me to apply were:

  • The “Patient first approach” 

  • Duke University’s overall reputation 

  • The program’s combination of health and wellness practices like yoga integrated with research based studies and traditional medicine

And lastly, my personal reason for applying:

  • I wanted to find a way to help others with chronic health conditions. I grew up with diagnosed asthma that landed me in and out of doctor’s offices and occasionally the ER

The alumni of the program consisted of nurses, doctors, Olympic trainers, and more. It was a caliber of professionals I wasn’t sure I would be able to measure up to. But I thought, “why not at least apply? If I get in, I’ll have something DIFFERENT to offer.”

A week after I applied, I got my email acceptance. I had a serious “Elle Woods moment” after Warner told her she “wasn’t smart enough to be a lawyer.” I was excited, nervous, and proud of myself all at once. I was going to be sitting in a room filled with some seriously impressive individuals, and I was now one of them.

If you had told me a year ago this is the direction my life would be going in, I would have laughed at you. I was working a 9-5 in Boston and yoga was my passion project. But here I am. At this point, I have been enrolled in the program for 7 weeks and I have learned an immense amount from the program and its students. In my next post, I’ll share what I have been working on and how I plan to integrate it into my yoga teaching and practice. 

Check back soon for more details.