Yoga and Mindfulness Strategies Support Young Athletes

Author: Ann Biese

Young athletes today often specialize earlier in particular sports than in the past, and with that, repetitive body motions can cause injury sooner in the young athletes. How can yoga and mindfulness help? Yoga is considered a health practice that compliments and improves other healthy habits and can help offset stresses on the body. It is also a mindfulness practice, bringing together physical and mental discipline in a way that can improve focus and promote positive well-being.

An effective regimen often includes a combination or all of the following practices.

Breathing. Enhanced breathing is important in yoga and has many benefits. Yoga helps to improve breathing can help better control the body and focus the mind.

Yoga Poses. Poses are movements and postures that increase strength and flexibility. They range from being completely relaxed while lying down, to difficult postures that may stretch one’s physical limits

Meditation. Meditation can be incorporated into every part of your day and is shown to have significant benefits. It may help improve learning and can help one to be more mindful and aware of the present moment, and increase efficiency and performance.

“I remember the pressure I felt to perform in school and in sports, and now observe how many students don’t take the time to truly make the most of their hard work. I improved in my activities by practicing yoga and the related breathing and mindfulness, and I felt better too,” said Lauren Biese, co-founder of Good Karma Integrative Yoga.

At Good Karma we’ve developed the Mindful Yoga Young Athletes Program to infuse students’ activities with the many benefits of yoga, and further teach the benefits of effectively regenerating themselves following rigorous study and practice. If interested in a Mindful Yoga Program for Young Athletes presentation in your school or for your school’s athletic association, please contact us at or call 518-209-3139.