Yoga Poses to Alleviate Cabin Fever or Mountain Fatigue

We’ve all been stuck in the middle of winter with feelings of low energy or fatigue. Whether you’re the person who likes to stay inside or the one hitting the slopes all day, both situations can induce fatigue or muscle tightness in the body. There are a few different ways you can incorporate basic yoga poses to help fight off that tired, achy feeling this winter.

Each scenario requires movement in different muscles in the body. Structurally if we’re sitting all-day or stuck in our homes due to bad weather, we are getting little to none core movement. However, if you are skiing down your favorite mountain, your core plays a central role in keeping your body balanced and maneuvering the slopes.

With this in mind I have crafted two separate sequences to follow. So whether you’ve got a case of cabin fever or feeling the burn after a ski or snowboard session, this will work for you. Both sequences are beginner and advanced-friendly. Remember to modify to your practice level and take time during the transitions from pose to pose. Links are included to some of the more advanced poses.

Yoga Poses for Cabin Fever:

  1. Table Top to Cat/Cow

  2. Down Dog

  3. Forward Fold

  4. Chair Pose

  5. Skandasana

  6. Handstand

  7. Crowe Pose

  8. Boat Pose

  9. Boat Pose, but now place a block between your upper thighs, if don’t have a block at home you can substitute with a rolled-up towel or blanket.

  10. Lying Down Spinal Twist

  11. Savasana for one minute

Yoga Poses for Post-Mountain Fatigue:

  1. Forward fold

  2. Wide-legged forward fold

  3. Garland Pose (Malasana)

  4. Warrior one and two

  5. Humble Warrior

  6. Chaturanga (with your knees on the mat or floor)

  7. Lizard Pose aka Lizard Lunge

  8. King Pigeon

  9. Bridge Pose

  10. Legs up the wall

  11. Bound Angle Pose

  12. Savasana for as long as you want.

Disclaimer: If you have an injury please modify accordingly or speak with your doctor before try either of these sequences.

If you have any questions in regards to the sequences please feel free to drop me an email here.